Digital Marketing

As a digital analytics multi-solution architect, JD provides strategic guidance on digital marketing technology projects.

We have trusted partner teams to handle fulfillment of the following services, working under close oversight of JD as the strategic leader:

Digital analytics

With high-level agency experience and top industry connections, JD has architected analytics solutions on more than 100 client sites, including Fortune 50 clients, and continues to advise on such projects. We have certified Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics experts on hand to assist with any project, including data strategy, migrations such as GA -> GA4, implementation and data analysis.


Our team has more than 1 million keywords under management and has never been penalized in 15 years of operation. They’ve proven SEO results quickly and reliably on our high-visibility client engagements, bringing keywords to page 1 very rapidly for clients who follow our recommended plan.

SEO projects often include link creation, content creation such as paid guest blogging, social posting, video and press releases. SEO dashboards are benchmarked and updated weekly.

Social media management

We’re very picky about doing our absolute best to put YOUR best foot forward to represent your brand well. Entrusting someone else to handle content posting on your behalf must be done with care.

We’ve vetted social media agents who are typically local to our clients’ area, creative and engaging, have experience with social media and are good writers. Our software platform lets you monitor every scheduled post, edit posts easily, and add your own content as well. We’ll work with you to create a winning content strategy and mirror your voice.

Digital ads

The largest ad optimization platforms in the world are not typically accessible to small-medium sized businesses, but our hand-picked teams have access to these platforms because of the volume of client accounts they serve. This also provides the benefit

Business listings

Getting found accurately online requires keeping up with hundreds of major listing sites. Our software platform automatically syncs and monitors your listing data across all of these so you don’t have to. This helps people find you and boosts SEO. We can even handle disputes with Google.

Website creation and maintenance

We’ve got web development experts on hand and can get you up and running very quickly with highly customizable website templates and themes, typically using WordPress and WooCommerce, but can also quote fully custom work including Angular and React applications. Our web team can then handle any future maintenance requests or custom integrations needed.

Our managed secure web hosting goes through performance page speed audits to ensure it loads very quickly, ensuring a smooth experience and better conversion rates.

We can also support migrations of your domain names and email services.

One-stop Performance Dashboard

We offer a digital dashboard to act as a central point to measure and manage your SEO, Social media, Digital Ads, Listings and other services, and you get regular emailed performance reports.

Incredible support

We’re extremely responsive to any requests you have and can always set up video calls or in-person meetings as needed with any part of our team.

We’re excited to help!

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