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make it a normal iframe. Advertising and Marketing. The best alternative to . In addition to that, Im providing further Web Components for stuff I want to share with other Micro Apps. var iframeReplacement = require('node-iframe-replacement'); // add iframe replacement to express as middleware (adds res.merge method) app.use(iframeReplacement); // create a regular express route app.get('/', function(req, res){ // respond to this request with our fake-news content embedded within the BBC News home page res.merge('fake-news', { // The editor will display only the body tag of a < iframe > document. 21 Jan 2022. He also said that I may simply remove the sandbox attribute of the iframe, i.e. Managing state in Angular Brecht Billiet 29 Jul 2019 on Architecture About this article. The best and easy way to integrate Bootstrap 3/4 components with Angular. It runs as a Chrome browser extension for the Developer Tools (DevTools) panel, aiding in analysis and debugging during development. For example, try taking the below steps: Add TS support and make sure it is working (see 5 steps to prep).